The Long Hard Winter

Well, I for one am hoping it’s over. My customers were WONDERFUL over the holidays and even on into the dark winter days. Thank you to everyone that placed orders and referred customers to me!! I have not spent one DIME on advertising, yet I have stayed busy, ESPECIALLY considering it was the middle of winter. Image

This clutch purse has been a big seller for me. I thought the sales would slow down after the holidays, but now I’ve got lots of bridal party orders. YAY!!! I also want to get back to writing posts that might interest you guys. I had high hopes before the holidays, but I was really surprised by all of the orders I had. Thanks, again, to everyone. Your support has been overwhelming! Stay tuned….


Shopping Local Gift Guide

Hard at work on the couch.

Hard at work on the couch.

Each morning I get up, fix a cup of coffee and get online. I check out the local news from overnight and then my social media. I check stats from my Etsy shop and see if I have any emails. This morning I noticed all of the great LOCAL businesses in this area. So, let’s make sure we are sharing the local LOVE this holiday season! If you are like me, you don’t want to travel all over for Christmas gifts, so here are some ideas.

First up, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop. Now, they don’t officially open until tomorrow, but oh my goodness…..they have some good pie. They’ve been doing some practice runs this week, and EVERY time I drive past there is a mob of people there. We got a pumpkin pie last week, and I have to admit, we ate half of it right out of the box at the table where everyone just had their own fork. Get one to take as a hostess gift, or pick up a gift card. No one is going to be taking back a pie they get for Christmas. No way. They are going to be spending too much time EATTING it! Welcome to the neighborhood, Buttermilk Sky…..I will be cussing you come Janurary.



Right down Kingston Pike from Buttermilk Sky is Fig and Company. Another new local business with some of the cutest home goods and gifts around. Just going in and walking around is a treat. Here’s their Facebook page. Make sure you ‘like’ their page because they do some nice give aways!! They have gifts, decorations, supplies for painting projects, as well as artwork and beautiful furniture. Be sure you stop in because I PROMISE you will find a gift for someone.

Are you shopping for grandparents that already have EVERYTHING they need? Do you need those Christmas cards printed out? Never fear, just drive another mile down Kingston Pike and pull into Fleetwood Photo. Think shopping online is easier? Get onto their website and upload your own pictures and pick out your items. You don’t have to shop at a company clear across the country to shop online. You can shop LOCAL and with ease. Trust me. I LOVE using Fleetwood.

Now, move on over to Northshore Drive and head to Rocky Hill. If you are looking for local food items then Butler and Bailey is your place, and if you haven’t tried out their meat department……well, you are missing out. If you have college kids on your list then a B&B gift card would be PERFECT! Make sure you set aside a few extra minutes for your shopping because you WILL run into a friend in the aisles. Plan accordingly. By the way, they also have a food drive going on right now, so be sure to help out there, too.

Now, if you aren’t quite in the mood to cook, drive on down Northshore and pull into Northshore Brasserie. You won’t believe you can get this kind of atmoshere in a strip mall! Plus, the food is INCREDIBLE! They sell gift cards, too, so you can mark yet another gift off of your list while you are there. Just LOOK at all the Christmas shopping you’ve finished, and you haven’t even left your neighborhood!!!


Here’s a lot of what I see from the third week of November to the middle of December.

By now you are probably tired and ready to start heading home. So, head back down Northshore and pull into Creekside Nurseries because it’s time to PICK OUT THAT TREE! Our trees come from the same area that supplies The White House Christmas tree. No other area of the country has prettier Christmas trees. We will get them within 24 hours of them being cut, on November 22nd. We get them off the truck, put them in water and wait for you guys to come pick out your favorite!

This year we will have something a little different along with the trees. I’ll be doing custom embroidered and monogramed items, so be sure to check those items out. Look at that!!!! ANOTHER item off the Chrsitmas list!

Gifts for those picky preppy girls.

Gifts for those picky preppy girls.

How is that for shopping local??? You haven’t left a 5 mile radius of your home and you’ve gotten all KINDS of Christmas shopping done!

Fall Open House

Creekside Home & Gardens is proud to be working with some incredible local artists in preparation for a Fall Open House to take place on Saturday, October 12th from 10 am to 2 pm. I’ll be spotlighting each artist in different posts later this week. In the meantime, here’s a look at what I’ve been creating for the open house, as well as some pictures from last year, just ot get you in the mood. Can’t wait to see everyone!!

IMG_1068 IMG_1100 IMG_1083 IMG_1077 IMG_2593 IMG_2068



What’s Going On?

Well….the embroidery machine is going all the time at my house. (This is a very good time for me to say that if you are trying to get ahold of me you need to use text or email. It’s impossible to be on the phone with the machine going, and I’ve learned the hard way that if I go in the other room to talk on the phone something VERY BAD will happen to whatever I’m working on. Every. Single. Time!!) I’m trying to wind up the custom orders I’ve got right now so I can start getting geared up for the fall season. Of course, that leads right into Christmas, too. I wanted to take some time here to show you a few custom items I’ve done recently. Please excuse the quality of the pictures. I’m still working on that, AND it’s rained so much around here recently. Getting good natural lighting has really been an issue. I guess I’m going to have to break down and get some lights for products pictures….

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work. If you’ve ordered from me recently, thank you for your patience while I get orders out!! For the most part, I’m a one woman show. I’m fitting the embroidery in between toddler play time, cooking dinner, running errands, taking care of the house, helping Scott at the nursery, TAKING A SHOWER…..haha…you get the picture. It’s been great and I’m looking forward to really doing some fun things this holiday season. If you see something you like here, feel free to comment here and I’ll get with you on ordering. I’m slowing but surely putting items in my Etsy shop, so check there, too. THANKS again for the wonderful support!!


Set of custom towels. I LOVE this color combination!

Set of custom towels. I LOVE this color combination!


How fun is this FoXy alphabet?!?


A whole group of baby shirts with the Foxy Letters. Boys’ & girls’.


A custom iPad case right before school started.


Custom monogram


Variation on the Foxy Letters.




Clutches. $22.


Pocket t-shirts.


I may not have said it before, but I LOVE the SMOKEY GRAY!!


Go Vols!!


Custom birthday shirt for a little cutie….’I’m Batman.’


Is Something Different?!?!?!?!

Well, I suppose you just never know where life is going to take you. A few months back a family member got in touch with me. Her day job was getting super busy and she was closing shop on her embroidery business. She was selling her beloved commercial embroidery machine. Hmmmmmm…..I had always wanted an embroidery machine. I thought it would fit in with the things that I liked, but would my customers get on board?? I mean, we own a PLANT nursery!! Plants have no need for monogrammed scarves, at least our plants don’t. Was I crazy for even entertaining the idea of changing up my ‘brand’??


I thought long and hard about the machine. I spoke with my mom about the machine. She’s had her own business for most of my life and a big part of that business was her sewing machine. My husband and I debated it. We all finally decided to go for it. If it didn’t work out we still had a nice piece of machinery that we could turn around and sell. So, here I am, embroidering!!!


Let. Me. Just. Tell. You…..all I did was announce on Facebook that I had the machine. I’ve been busy with orders ever since I moved the machine into the house. In fact, I put it in the living room to learn how to use it and I haven’t even been able to move it to a permanent spot. It is STILL in the middle of the living room (I guess it goes without saying here that I am NOT going to be giving any dinner parties anytime soon). My friends and customers have TOTALLY embraced this new venture. For that, I want to say THANK YOU!!! This has all happened so fast, and I’m still trying to decide exactly how to go about this business. I WELCOME any input from you guys. So far, everyone has been so great to offer constructive ideas. In the mean time, have you ‘liked’ the Creekside Home & Garden Facebook page? Go do that and give me your thoughts on what you would like to see at Creekside Home & Garden. One of the thoughts swirling around in my head is whether or not to leave the name as Creekside Home & Garden. Is that really what this is now? I’m  not sure. For now it stays and we will see what happens through the holidays. It may end up getting changed…….give me your thoughts!!!


ALSO, I’m working with some local artists and business people to put together a fun Fall Shopping Event for everyone. More on that next time!!!


A Busy Week….

Who am I fooling?!?! It’s a very busy MONTH for most of us….especially the MOMS! If you have kids in school, you understand what I’m saying. You have a LOVE/HATE relationship with the month of May. School is about to end, the kids have SpRiNg FeVeR like CRAZY, you’ve got to figure out something for those kids to do over the summer, MAYBE you have to convince someone that getting a summer job is NOT the end of the world, you want a break from school drop offs and pick ups………right before everything blows up, school ends. Ahhhhhh…..well, for a few days. HAHA! I know that most of us are in the middle of this right now. Throw allergies and this weekend rain into the mix…..well, I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels. It seems like I’m getting nothing done! My paint projects are half done all over the place as I don’t want to drag them out in the yard just to have to drag them inside in an hour when the clouds open up.


My floors stay covered with dirt because it’s impossible not to track mud in the house when my husband is trying to manage huge outdoor projects (which pay the bills, so I am very thankful for those, BTW). I’m behind on blog posts because we are REALLY working on some potty training……seems nothing is getting COMPLETED right now.


Here are my pretty window boxes that my sweet husband made for our house (don’t look at my dirty windows!!!), but guess what??? These pictures aren’t from this year! HA! We aren’t there yet! Do you think I could have these prints blown up to hang on the side of my windows?? Do you think people would notice?? LOL!


BUT, guess what???? We’ve got some pretty containers and hanging pots for your Momma at the nursery!!! THAT much I got done. Come down and see us this week. This rain has created the most BEATIFUL flowers! Everything is so GREEN and LUSH. I feel like we are in Seattle.


I’ll have some furniture soon. Does ANYONE out there want to trade potty training duty for some pretty painted furniture???????

A Beautiful Saturday…..too many things to do!

Oh my goodness, it’s pretty today. I will admit that it’s 9:30 and I’m still just drinking my coffee. This week has truly been an emotional drain on us all, so I really think this pretty weather is just what we need. If you are like me, you’ve spent the past 24-48 hours glued to your tv in disbelief. It’s time to let go and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! There are so many things going on in Knoxville today. I know it’s going to be hard for a lot of us to decide what to do. I hope some of you come visit me at the nursery. I plan on heading down there and making some more fun herb containers (I HAVE to quit taking these things home so I can share them with you guys), talking to friends that stop in, and selling some more of this mulch!! Come see us! We are really starting to fill up. We got in a TON of tomato and pepper plants plants this week, as well as some more herbs, and OF COURSE, some more bedding and container plants. I’ve painted and distressed some boring old terra cotta pots. I’m loving on those and want them ALL OVER the patio! So, come grab those before I sneak them into the back of my truck. (I love seeing how long it takes Scott to notice all of the containers.) OK, I’m going to try to attach some pictures here. For some reason, it’s a lot easier to do that from my phone, so I may have to put this post up and then do another one with pictures….SORRY!!! I know, I need to take the time to sit down and really learn WordPress, but I learn by DOING (although, I don’t seem to be learning this, do I??? LOL!)

Have a great Saturday, friends!






More about the Table…and SPRING

Well, how long has it taken? Don’t answer that!!!! I’ve actually gotten my farmhouse table cleaned off so I can get a picture. This is the table I blogged about here. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. They are actually my Instagram pictures. Are you following me on there? I’m knoxmissy on there, so come follow me (sorry, I don’t know how to link to Instagram via the blog)

Ok, now on to more ‘outdoorsy’ things! I had some cute little terra cotta pots that needed a facelift, so I painted and distressed them. After that I planted some herbs in them and now they are ready for a new home! There are two of these available at Creekside and each pot has two different herbs. They are $25 each. Instant herb garden!!!!! We do all the work, just take it home, water it & enjoy!!!! We are getting new herbs in every few days right now. I’m still waiting on the BASIL. My favorite!! I’ve got some plans for you, Mr. Basil….


If you like my painted terra cotta pots, I’ll be painting some more this week, so stop in this weekend to see what we’ve got. Also, if you have some old yucky pots sitting around your house, drop them off at the nursery and I can do the same aging on yours for a fee (according to size) and even plant some herbs in them!!! I worked on another container project at the nursery today that I hope to be able to blog about tomorrow. Now that the weather is pretty, we are OFF and running. FINALLY!!!!

P.S. I’m sorry if this post looks all crazy and unorganized. This is my first mobile post, so I’m experimenting to see how it goes! Feel free to leave me some comments. Thanks for reading, ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ on Facebook!

I Love Spring…..oh yeah, allergies……..

Well, I was on quite a roll, really moving along and getting things done. The Easter banners have been a huge hit, both on Etsy and here in town. Everyone was excited about this pretty weather…..and BAM! The allergies hit me. I worked outside last Sunday on a display piece for the giftshop that I’m painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and by Monday I was moving slow. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent on the couch watching Netflix. I was back at the nursery today, but we were busy with mulch sales, and I got to chase the three year-old around. Tomorrow I plan on getting back on the fun stuff, and should have some great pictures for everyone. 

Thanks to everyone reading for the kind words!!

Snow Day…..well, kind of…

Ugh!! This is the worst kind of snow today. The kind where is snows all night, but then the kids wake up and still have to go to school. It stinks. Hate it for the kids that stayed up late thinking they were going to get to sleep in today. Sorry kiddies!!!!

Now for me, it’s really hard to sit here in the cold house while looking out at snow on the ground and ‘Think Spring’. It really kills the motivation. I would like a good snow, but then again, I’m just ready for spring to get here. I want to get the store stocked and really, just get out of the house. I’ve got quite a few furniture items here waiting to get a couple of coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint. Have you tried that yet? I’m really loving it. My family is tired of everything in the house getting painted, so I’m looking forward to taking some items to the shop to share with everyone. In the meantime, please feel free to visit the Etsy shop to see what I have for sale in there. Besides the items that I’ve made, I’ve been looking for great deals on vintage items. These cute Mason jars are hard to part with…..Image